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Isholay Domain Records is an incipient music Record Label Company, established to provide:  MUSIC / ENTERTAINMENT /COMEDY, MOVIES and more. The Company was registered under the corporate affairs commission (CAC) of Nigeria in line with the provisions of the Company and Allied Matters Act. I-Sholay Domain Records AKA, i-Sholay D records, is well established with agents in several countries of the world...Our services include:

Our Services

Music Production

Like a chef with a kitchen full of ingredients, we can help put your masterpiece together in no time. No matter what type of music you want to make, for the listening pleasure of your fans/audience. We understand the process and possess the necessary facilities and man power required to achieve that. Our Music Production Services includes all the basic stages of music recording such as Arranging, Tracking, Editing, Mixing and Mastering of both single and full album.

Art Entertainment

Art they say is life. And as such, we have created this service to enhance living by providing artistic entertainment and events such as dance performances, creative renditions, displays and presentations for the general enjoyments of our clients and audience. The idea of entertainment art grows larger every year and it’s still constantly changing.  Generally speaking, since art revolves around a fast-growing industry where great artists are in high demand. I-sholay Domain Records has been able to provide room for new talents who wants to break into a career.

Artiste Management

We are committed to recruiting, hire, retaining, and developing the most talented and gifted individuals or group available in the music, art and entertainment market. Our Talent Management Service comprises seven components namely: Strategic Planning, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Performance Management, Learning and Motivation, Compensation, Career Development and Succession Planning.

Comedy Shows

We promote and show case comedy talents by recommending our humorous talented artist for public performances at public shows and events, either as MCs or just Stand-Up comedians. We can make your weddings, birthdays and other social events, complete and colourful by gracing the occasion with lots of laughter and entertainment. We also organize shows, where we feature our managed talents, for public or private enjoyment.

Movie Production

Besides music, film making is also one of our crucial services. We are involved in a number of discrete stages in film making, beginning from the initial story, idea, or commission, through screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording and pre-production, editing, and screening the finished product before an audience before the film is release and exhibited.